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The family business glaskoch was founded in 1859 and it is nowadays one of Europe’s leading glass suppliers.Today the company is managed in the 5th generation by Oliver Kleine and his wife Bianca Kleine. The brand LEONARDO conveys the Italian sense of life since it was established in 1972. We love glass – LEONARDO per sempre! LEONARDO is Glasliebe
Companies with a history have substance for the future. Visions lead our thinking and acting. To do things different – follow new ways: that’s what glaskoch/LEONARDO stands for. There’s one thing that doesn’t exist in our company: stagnation. Glass has many facets. We aim at permanently finding new utilities for the material glass and transforming them into innovative product ideas.
LEONARDO is the glass for all opportunities and appeals to the senses. Our products are true companions that beautify everyday life, offer solutions and create a modern Italian sense of life by means of permanent innovation and a timeless look. Every year we create 800 new products following the latest trends in the typical LEONARDO design. Every product has got its own soul, embodies the brand philosophy and projects it to the outside.