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EuroChef - Quality Kitchen Utensils & More

Eurochef Australia supply high quality catering equipment for food manufacture and display. As part of the Matfer Bourgeat group of companies, an internationally renowned manufacturer of kitchen goods since 1814, we provide equipment to assist your talents.
Eurochef Australia is part of the Matfer Bourgeat Group of companies which include Eurochef Worldwide. With a history starting in 1814, they continue to manufacture high quality equipment in France to assist chefs the world over in the production and service of food.
The Group's logistics centre in Normandy, France holds more than 16,000 inventory items. Our logistics centre is supplied from two fully owned and operated factories. Matfer is located in Les Abret, while Bourgeat is located in Lyon. Eurochef Australia also stock a carefully selected range of items manufactured by Demarle and Tiger. Soon to be added to our Australian range of products is a selection from Krampouz, also manufactured in France. These extensive resources are committed to supporting Eurochef Australia.